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Our dental clinic, equipped with modern technologies in Izmir, Turkey, is at your service every day of the week until 23.00 with our expert dentist staff in all branches. We offer you all kinds of oral and dental health treatments, especially dental implants, all on four implants, surgical dental treatments, gum surgeries, whitening, smile design, leaf porcelain (lamina), orthodontic treatments, pediatric dental health and dental aesthetics treatments. It is our primary goal to present it in a qualified way and to ensure patient satisfaction.

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Dental Treatments in Turkey

We use the most updated equipment and we have laboratories with standards that meet our criteria. To get a healthy, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing result while protecting your dental structure, we use the highest quality material available, no matter the cost. In short, we are a clinic that gathers together comprehensive, high-quality, affordable dental treatments under one roof for all your dental needs.

The implants we use are lifetime guaranteed by the implant brands. Every procedures that we perform is under satisfaction guaranteed.

Our clinic offers general anesthesia depending on the patient’s suitability and necessity.

Every surface in our clinic, including the dental chair, is decontaminated regularly. Tools are sterilized for each patient. All of our staff members regularly wash their hands and put on new gloves for each patient. Additionally, our clinic implements every COVID-19 measure specified by the Ministry of Health and WHO.



We grouped our most preferred treatments for you. Contact us for the right treatment plan and questions.