same day dental implants turkey

Same Day Dental Implants Turkey



Do you need an emergency tooth extraction and same day implants in Turkey? Optional to the normal implant procedure, we offer our patients the comfort and ease of the so called ‘’same day dental implant’’ or “same day teeth” by our experienced dental implant dentists.


Teeth in one day is a procedure in which patients in the space of a day will have dental implants inserted and fully working teeth added.

Traditional dental implants take 3 months to 6 months but you can have your smile and self-confidence in the same day. That is why they are considered as the best dental implant options. It is a less invasive and much easier procedure with only a single surgical consultation than conventional dental implant therapies. 

If carried out by a qualified and skilled implant dentist and if specific aftercare guidelines are followed, success rates are typically very high.

Pros of Same Day Implants

High level of patient satisfaction

No need to wear an uncomfortable denture

Ability to eat and talk fast

Not compromising the long term success of treatment

Success rate is higher

Cons of Same Day Implants

Cannot create a shortcut will bypass the process of bone-to-implant integration

Body needs time to produce new bone cells

Making sure implants will not move during healing period which requires a softer diet

Failure of softer diet and a chance for impacting integration negatively

Success rate is lower

How does the same day implant procedure look like?

Based on the amount of teeth lost, bone quality and quantity, oral health and the overall health of

the patient, the 24 hour teeth implant treatment varies from patient to patient. The treatments used are single same day implant replacing single tooth or 2 or 3 missing teeth, traditional bridges replacing 3 – 4 missing teeth, full set of dental implants and all-on-4 implants. So, you may get complete teeth replacement in Turkey. If you wonder how fast can dental implants be done, the answer is smiling in one day. You will get you new teeth in 1 day for sure.

When is the same day implants recommended?

When the jawbone is safe enough with a good bone quality as well as quantity, dental implants are suggested on the same day and additional procedures such as bone grafting or sinus lifting are not needed.

A significant factor that influences the chances of success of same day implants is also the general health and hygiene of the mouth. There

are some health problems when same day implants are not recommended such as diabetes, osteoporosis and Paget’s disease.

Another big cause of delayed recovery is smoking. Before being treated with an implant, it is highly advised to avoid smoking.

How long does a same day dental implant treatment take?

Impressions for our laboratory to create a temporary crown are made after the clinical examination.

The tooth is removed and the dental implant and temporary crown are placed at the surgical appointment.

Often the protection of a socket is needed to increase the bone

The provisional crown is removed and replaced with the final porcelain crown 3-6 months later.

same day dental implants turkey